"I hooked up with Bongo last week at her barbecue."
"You, with her? Fat chance!"
by Harley February 5, 2004
Actual meaning: a very good chance, opposite of a slim chance.

Typical usage: sarcasticly, as to imply that there is no chance in hell.
Let's do the right thing and serve these guys!

Pschh. Fat chance. (chuckles)
by TreeWeezel October 24, 2011
The opportunity to have sex with a overweight individual.
That heifer over there is giving you the eye, now's your fat chance.
by nucleus May 31, 2004
We need to find a way how to escape from this place.
Fat chance.
by BlackPohatu October 10, 2016
Fat Fucking Chance also abbreviated F.F.C
when there is no chance of this event happening
Man: Honey, want to make love tonight
Woman: fat fucking chance

by Max Lester April 5, 2008