surpassing others in a class for the greatest speed acheivable.
The Ferrari has the fastest speed at the trap on the end of the Mulsanne straight.
by hulkoasis October 24, 2008
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Title for someone who can speed-run " Mario 64" the fastest among your peers.
Isn't it kino that he was the fastest mario all along
by CDmechanoid November 14, 2021
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Greg, the fastest growing army on YouTube and the world, is lead by none other than Danny Gonzalez. Also, don't look this up again, this is the ONLY TIME.
Person 1: Hey, are you a part of Greg, the fastest growing army of all?

Person 2: Hell yeah! Of course.
by gamer_124 December 29, 2018
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when your masturbating and someone walks in and you stop just as they open the door and they don t notice
damn he got the fastest hands in the west
by supasaiyand February 14, 2018
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do you mean banderita?
Fastest man alive = banderita

- Did you see fastestmanalive video?

- come on man , ofc i did.
by BanderitaFakeEdition July 24, 2019
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When you have a short time limit on finishing. Examplewise when you have morning wood but have to leave for work or school in about 5 minutes, you need to have the "fastest hands in the west" to get off in time. Can also be used for someone using as little time as possible masturbating.
Wow, Joe finished jacking off in under a minute? He must have the "fastest hands in the west"!
by Loser with fast hands November 9, 2019
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