3 definitions by gamer_124

The name used to ship two people who are together, Leo and Lois. Used when they are being all romantic.
Person 1: Hey look he's hugging Lois!

Person 2: Aww! #Leois
by gamer_124 November 26, 2018
What you write on a whiteboard and stick by the window when trapped in a Spanish lesson, in the hope of gaining the attention of the public.
by gamer_124 November 30, 2018
Greg, the fastest growing army on YouTube and the world, is lead by none other than Danny Gonzalez. Also, don't look this up again, this is the ONLY TIME.
Person 1: Hey, are you a part of Greg, the fastest growing army of all?

Person 2: Hell yeah! Of course.
by gamer_124 December 29, 2018