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A term used in certain games when a person continuously steals another's resources.
**Warcraft III**
A: You should really build some defense, I'm farming experience off your guys.

**In WC3, exp can be gained by killing enemy units**
by toxicity June 20, 2005
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Jaden is a beauty herself, she can make anyone in the room with her laugh . She is very flirty and romantic when it comes to guys. She is hilarious, sweet, kind, sexy, and the prettiest girl out there. She can light up an entire room if she's in the right mood . Jaden is a bitch most of the time but her friends change her mood all the time. She's usually friends with more guys then girls. She is very athletic and loves video games. She can say that she isn't a girly girl but she loves to wear makeup and go shopping. You would never want to piss of this girl or you'll b dead. Jaden doesn't show her feelings to others ,she keeps her feelings to herself, But that doesn't mean she isn't afraid to show her feelings when she's sad or mad. It takes a lot to make this girl cry . When it comes to guys she doesn't play any games, she can b a little clingy but in a cute way . Jadens heart is pure black she doesn't even have a soul , but when she is falling for someone her heart turns to pure gold. It isn't hard to notice that Jaden is falling for someone she will stare at him , think of him, fantasies about him to her friends , draws a lot of pictures that has him in it .
Person 1: Jaden has the best ass ever !
Person 2 : Hey! Dude she's mine , but she does have the best ass
by toxicity April 16, 2017
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