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In Gaming: (verb) to farm; to stay in one specific place in order to aquire more of a certain item or money. On certain games it can be said to "farm honor."
Player 1 "I need to go to the the other zone to farm primals for my weapon, see you later!"

Player 1 "Man this kid has been here killing other players for hours. He must really need to farm honor!"
by roxyhrt March 22, 2007
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A short hand version of the term "I hate you." Commonly used on instant messaging services. The term is used to express hatred for someone but in a joking manner.
John: "Dammit why cant I ever find shirts in my size?!"
Adam: "Maybe you're just too fat?"
John: *stares at Adam* "ihu"
by roxyhrt March 22, 2007
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