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Horrible Jangrish word for a fan-created manga work, which may or may not be of a pornographic nature.
Synonymous to doujin or doujinshi
Dude 1: I liked Sailor Moon so much I actually drew a fanga where...
Dude 2: Stop right there, man. You're having a dorkgasm.
by Garnet Red June 24, 2004
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A Fanga is a fake/faux ranga. Someone who dyes their hair red.
You can't call yourself a fiery redhead, you're a fanga.
by EarthNoodle January 31, 2015
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Fan-Made Manga or Manga made for Fan-Fiction.
Dude: This guy on Deviantart(dot)com is writing a Dragon Ball Fanga
Dude2: You mean Manga?
Dude: No, Fanga. It means Fan-Made Manga
by detarf I August 01, 2016
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