Guy 1: I'm feeling really Fancy today!

Guy 2: yeah,the way you act around guys,makes me think you feel Fancy everyday.....
by JDaKingman October 25, 2009
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a word used as a reaction to something. It can be either positively or negatively expressed. In fact, it can be used in reaction to almost anything at all.
Jacquanda says, "O-M-G! Look at dis amazing hair piece I just bought..." You reply, "Fancy!"
by Daniel of NY April 25, 2008
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When a woman has a bit extra on her inner labia. Instead of using terms like "beef curtains" which are degrading, the term "fancy" will be applied.
Beauregard: My My Waldorf, your lady friend's neither lips certainly are fancy.

Waldorf: I know! Aren't they spectacular!
by Dezmodus November 28, 2007
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Of and pertaining to an internet persona comprising of the characteristics of genius, oddness, hilarity and kindness in equal and abundant measure.
If more people on the internet were the exemplar of Fancy we'd be a step closer to world peace.
by Cookie-Monster April 17, 2006
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