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A phrase to express disgust over something you see.
Originated from a Simpsons episode and turned into a fad on www.gamefaqs.com (particularly LUE).
"Look! It's a picture of my new girlfriend."
"My eyes! The goggles, they do nothing!"
by TG February 02, 2005

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Free dem titties. In other words, it's time for a show.
That girl needs to FDT if she wants to get these beads.
by TG April 12, 2005

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Don't feed the trolls.
When someone responds to a message board troll the way it was intended by that troll, someone with more common sense will make this statement.
Post #1: God you people are stupid. All of you!
Post #2: WTF? Why are you calling us stupid? That's just not nice.
Post #3: ^dfft
by TG March 13, 2005

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Make a (guitar) tablature for a song. Loads of tablatures are found on the internet because they can be made with ASCII characters.
All rigggghhht! I tabbed out "Smells like teen spirit!"
by TG February 05, 2005

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A verbal take on the classic 'net slang "wtf". Sounds classier when spoken aloud and less like you're a thirteen-year-old girl.
"Okay, who left their used condoms in the pit? WTFuck!"
by TG January 02, 2005

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n. a kid who is SO freaking tough; He's a kid alright.

Synonyms: Tarun elite cal-m tough

Antonyms: newbie weak Varun
There's a kid in Simsbury whose SO freaking tough and he's a kid alright. He fits the "runer" description perfectly and is mad Indian cake.
by tg September 13, 2004

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noun: deep inside the booty but before the actual "guts"
Damn girl, how 'bout I get all upinya!
by tg December 21, 2004

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