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Typically Used when describing Italian Bandwagons, FAKO is made up of FAKE and ITALIANO. It's used to describe Italians who boast more than they should about their alleged die hard fandom of their culture. This word is to be used exclusively for people who claim to be Italians when they know close to nothing about the Origin. This word was originally created by his friends, this word was first made to describe ANTHONY RIVERA.
Superman: "Hey Anthony, since you claim to be a full Italian, tell me what 'FUGAZI' means.
Anthony: "I don't know."
Superman:"Ha! You liar! You're a FAKO!"
by AllStar27 January 9, 2018
The most beautiful girl in the world. Ayannas are Usally smart, funny, and a great girl to be around. She spends alot of time thinking about what to do for those she cares about. Shes easy to get along with, loving, and caring. She has an amazing personality that affects everyone around her. She can be agressive at times, but she still loves you. She is very energetic and pretty, and she is a really hott chick. She has one of the best smiles out there. Once you get to know her, she is the best person to be around. She might be tricky to solve at first, and she might hurt you emotionally or physically at first, but she will eventually relize the love she saved for you. Shes a beautiful flower. And makes one of the best girlfriends ever. She loves life, and everyone she shares it with. She is very talented, and she loves Art and Music. Never let her go, it could be the biggest mistake you ever made.
Wow dude!! That girl is amazing!!
Of course she is, that's Ayanna.

Enjoy her while you have her. Losing her might be the biggest mistake you ever made.
by AllStar27 March 13, 2016