A growing Youtuber who is hilarious and is just a nice guy in general. He along with GGab, Fyrus, and Jaymoji make up the Failing Four.
Man 1: Hey, did you see the new Failboat video.
Man 2: No, What happened?
Man 1: He played Minecraft with the Failing Four
by Duckdud November 17, 2020
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Referring to a sailboat, a failboat is a boat powered by a large amount of fail while heading towards a specific goal or destination of complete and utter failure.
I told Jack not to get on the Titanic. I told him it was a Failboat.
by Captian Jack Dawson July 23, 2009
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The method of transport by which your friend travels/may be captain of.
You: My god, Mikey is so the captain of the Failboat.
by Count_Maniacal February 11, 2009
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A person who leads an effort doomed by its own stupidity and innability.
Some failboat captains and an honorable mention.

Arthur Anderson was the biggest failboat captain of modern times.
Many of the Roman Emperors. (Think: instead of, I will not negotiate with terrorists, think: Non spectabo cum tribus, or I will not meet with tribes.)
Adolf Hittler. (He was high too, maybe that got him promoted from ensign.)
George Bush narrowly avoid the title because America somehow survived.
by Montantanto January 28, 2009
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Person who fails so much he gets to lead the Failboat. Must be of scottish descent.
Daz is the Failboat Captain! He gets wrecked.. Repeatedly!
by Comanche Man July 21, 2008
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A raft made with bits of hair, generally of poor mexican woman and occasionally dogs. The raft is used to send mentally retarded mexican children out to sea to be destroyed by sharks.
Sailer 1: Dude! Whats that? its some black stringy thing with a bunch of mexican kids on it!

Sailer 2: Thats the mexican failboat... and those kids are retarded so its fucking hilarious.
by AJDB November 4, 2008
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