A failed orginization or group of idiots. Doomed to failure and full of ineptitude, they still contiune to sail away on the sea of stupidity.
In extreme circumstances, one man can be catergorized as a failboat in and of his/her self.
Pictures of capsized or rolled boats usually shown as an example of what happens when the crew does something.
Hi! Im Al Gore and I invented the internet. Today I will be your captain of the SS Failboat.
by BUBBA ROFLcopter JR August 15, 2007
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n. A subcategory of fail images. Failboats are pictures are of a boat that has something seriously wrong with it, usually from a severe act of stupidity, but not necessarily.
(photograph shows a tanker in the process of capsizing right next to the dock, dumping all of its cargo into the ocean)
CAPTION: Failboat always delivers
by Frank VB September 7, 2008
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Another name for the titanic,which was the biggest failure in boating history.
I used to be a sailor just like you, then I took a failboat to the knee.
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the ultimate of a failure. one who can do nothing positive in life and one who only has more failing to look forward to in life.
you puppy is a failboat for peeing in my bed.
by #1 failure July 6, 2009
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any kind of vehicle that has tons of problems and possibly will explode at random.
Yo dawg I was cruisin on the highway when I raced a corvette ZR1 .. I was pullin on that guy mad easy until my motor blew !!!! This mazdaspeed 3 is such a peice of failboat.
by scatt nasty February 16, 2010
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A growing Youtuber who is hilarious and is just a nice guy in general. He along with GGab, Fyrus, and Jaymoji make up the Failing Four.
Man 1: Hey, did you see the new Failboat video.
Man 2: No, What happened?
Man 1: He played Minecraft with the Failing Four
by Duckdud November 17, 2020
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An expression often used in gaming cliques describing someone who consistently performs poorly OR does not always come through

Derived from Failboat, failboater is a word describing someone who is often on a boat of fail
"Ricky hasnt got a kill in over two whole games what a failboater"

"Sherry didnt come over last night, she never seems to have time for me anymore what a failboater"
by Shimmytomyleft November 24, 2009
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