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A failed orginization or group of idiots. Doomed to failure and full of ineptitude, they still contiune to sail away on the sea of stupidity.
In extreme circumstances, one man can be catergorized as a failboat in and of his/her self.
Pictures of capsized or rolled boats usually shown as an example of what happens when the crew does something.
Hi! Im Al Gore and I invented the internet. Today I will be your captain of the SS Failboat.
by BUBBA ROFLcopter JR August 15, 2007
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After Thanksgiving, I had to Take a Trump.
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Also known as a Daniel and a Failboot, Failboat is a way of turning simple things into comedy. Failboat is another way of being a weirdos uncle.
My brother could end up being a failboat if we don't educate you.
by Chompo7 March 25, 2018
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A term you use when someone fails or does something wrong, implying in a joking way that it was really bad or that it went wrong because they were stupid.

It is in reference to "fail boat" pictures on the internet (google image search it) which ususally depict a boat that is sinking or capsized with the words fail boat underneath.

If this were to be put on a scale of failure then it would be just below the term "epic fail".
If someone or something has failed or is on its way to failure then you would say:

"All aboard the Fail Boat!"


"Your shipment of Fail has come in!"

If your on instant messanging or emailing then you would usually attach a picture too because the joke is rooted in the pictures and is funnier if you use a different one each time.
by Richybuoy April 06, 2009
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n. A subcategory of fail images. Failboats are pictures are of a boat that has something seriously wrong with it, usually from a severe act of stupidity, but not necessarily.
(photograph shows a tanker in the process of capsizing right next to the dock, dumping all of its cargo into the ocean)
CAPTION: Failboat always delivers
by Frank VB September 07, 2008
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Referring to a sailboat, a failboat is a boat powered by a large amount of fail while heading towards a specific goal or destination of complete and utter failure.
I told Jack not to get on the Titanic. I told him it was a Failboat.
by Captian Jack Dawson July 23, 2009
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Someone who constantly fails at something, and generally Life in its self. Can be told to the person as a pay out.
Excuse me, sir can i plz ride take a ride on your fail boat.

Hey lets all jump on to this noobs fail boat and take a ride down Fail Lake.
by World Owner October 02, 2008
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