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A growing Youtuber who is hilarious and is just a nice guy in general. He along with GGab, Fyrus, and Jaymoji make up the Failing Four.
Man 1: Hey, did you see the new Failboat video.
Man 2: No, What happened?
Man 1: He played Minecraft with the Failing Four
by Duckdud November 17, 2020
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A dirty little bucket made of metal or stone that people who chew tobacco rather than smoke it. These were popular in the West (of Loathing) and they can also be used with jelly bean chewing tobacco, extra corrosive chewing tobacco, and you can even pee in it, even if your diabetic. In spittoons, you can find helpful items like a nasty ring, porcelain clay figures, emblems, guns, excalibur replicas, and they can even be flipped upside down to turn them into a hat. The act of looking through gross spittoons was beloved by people like Mumflr Fumperdink (Markiplier) and if they are clean or brand new, he begins to cry while hugging the spittoon in the fetal position.
I like to find special items in spittoons.
by Duckdud November 19, 2020
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by Duckdud February 11, 2021
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