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documentation of george bush's faults as a president, brilliantly produced, 100% fact
fahrenheit 9/11 is an account of truths
by Chase Gallagher June 16, 2006
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One of the greatest movies of all time. Just as good as Michael Moore's other classic, "Bowling for Columbine"
Puts the mistakes, flaws, and shortcomings of the Bush Dictatorship on display for everyone to see
Fahrenheit 9/11 exposes all of Bush's lies and has repeatedly stood up to rigorous fact checking.
by neocon killer October 30, 2004
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Bush Hating movie, exposing him for the prick he is
Anything hating bush is fine in my book
by ac July 14, 2004
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Best damn movie I've ever seen. Michael Moore is a genius. I don't care what people say about him. He is bringing the facts to everyone. Bush is a lying bastard that started a war for oil profits. BURN BUSH!
by Karl Marx October 24, 2004
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(n.) The title of a movie made by Michael Moore. The title is inspired by an older movie and book titled "Fahrenheit 451," about book censorship. The movie consists of real video clips with a narrative voice-over.

The subject of the movie is the presidency of George W Bush and the terrorist attacks in the United States on September 11th, 2001. The movie criticizes many aspects of Bush and his handling of the attack.

Critics of the movie complained that, though the movie uses real video clips, the presentation and editing of many clips is out of context and misleading. Moore and his fans praised the movie as an example of free speach and an exposition of facts.
by ed July 25, 2004
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documentry film by left wing satirist michael moore crisising the right wing bush administration and conservatism as a whole to a lesser degree.
1)i have heard that Fahrenheit 9/11 is not as funny as bowling for collumbine but still well made and intelligent.
2)i dislike the film Fahrenheit 9/11
3)i like the film Fahrenheit 9/11
by zombiejack July 13, 2004
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