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a dumbshit; an idiot; someone hated generally by everyone. refferring especially to homosexuals. or those who act like homosexuals. works for others too. also a good insult for younger people (eg. freshmen or 8th graders).
Dre: hey, look at Cooper over there jumping rope.

Jason: ha ha, what a fagstick.
by Drenessness July 28, 2009
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a man who acts like a homo sexual or acts very retarded
guy1:u want to hear a joke.
guy2:what is it.
guy1:knock knock.
guy2:(sighs)whos there.
guy2:orange who.
guy1:orange u glad i didn't say bannana.
guy2:dude your such a fagstick!
by halo2slayer July 16, 2009
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1. A tall, lean male homosexual.

2. An elongated wooden object used by male homosexuals to enlarge their anal rectum and find sensual pleasure. Generally found in the shape of a penis, although this may differ in cases involving kinky individuals or those with abnormal tendencies of distortion.

3. A fantastical object (much like a wand) conjured in the minds of many homosexual men, (esp. just before an orgasm caused by masturbation and mental fantasizing), that is supposed to turn attractive, straight men into queers with the simple flip of the wrist. The 'Fag Stick' is generally attached at one end to the groin, in place of the penis.

NOTE: As of yet, no such object has been found and proven operational; thus dispelling any concerns or fears many straight men have felt upon discovering the notion of such an item.
1. "John Dyss is one lanky Fag Stick."

2. "Can you believe he actually brought his Fag Stick to school?! Gross..."
3. "I swear, someday I will use my Fag Stick on that hunk-of-a-man!"
by ClothyMonster April 05, 2011
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A douche who hits on chicks even though he likes to pack fudge. ie garret
Brent: Dude, garret is a freakin fagstick.

Kyle: I know, everyone knows he likes penis up the butt.
by muscleman364 November 24, 2009
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A male who usually likes to take it up the butt hole from other men.
Darin Bray is such a fagstick, look at him shove that dildo up his hairy butt!
by Pedophilius Aristotle September 23, 2011
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