since the word faggot is nearly always used along with the tennis, faggis helps to simply the sentence, combining the two words.

faggis can and should be used as any of the parts of speech.
-hey, josh, you want to go play some faggis?

-uh... I DON'T like dick in my mouth, thanks for the offer though.


-I love tennis!

- *faggis. you forgot to mention that you're a faggot in your sentence, which is implied by liking tennis.


-man, look at those faggising (adjective) faggises (noun) playing faggis (other noun) faggisly (adverb). I would never faggis (verb) like that.
by dudesickle January 14, 2011
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Faggis is a variation of the food haggis, except this variation it is served in Scottish gay bars. What makes it different than regular haggis, is that it is served along with a pink umbrella.

*It is also accepted as a legitimate word in the popular game Scrabble.
Waiter: What would you like sir?
Gay Man: Do you have some faggis?
by gavino candelario February 17, 2009
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Slang: Disparaging and Funny - Singular of Faggots

- Related forms
Batty boy, bumder, queer, bent, homo, turd burglar, gay, gaybo and fisting ponce
That man does unspeakable acts with other men, what a faggi and I believe you are a faggi since you are walking like John Wayne, now take that gimp mask off!
by dr evil porkchop October 16, 2010
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