someone who would rather prestige than get up his numbers up. also they make bad decisions and hookup with only grenades.
friend: yo fagboy wanna go to this south party?
fagboy(ryan): cant i just unlocked the AK
by imcrayazay July 25, 2011
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#1 A young, immature boy who would rather play video games rather than wheeling bitties.

#2 It can be used as a substitute for a name
#1 Steve - wow fagboy is playing xbox again instead of going to the party.

#2 -Where is Duncan?

-Dont you mean fagboy?

-Oh yeah, where is fagboy?
by stevedub July 5, 2009
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Derogative term for an individual from Cape Breton island. Extremely vain and fancies himself a celebrity. Most people take pity on him and by offering free food.
You know fagboy from cape breton? Typically works in a computer store and looks like TinTin.
by Richard Sanderson July 12, 2006
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Someone who is addicted to a ps3 and gets boners from looking at it, also someone who claims killzone 2 is better than halo 3
Fagboy:: "Duh, im a fag, i like ps3"
by Unpopular Ownage June 23, 2009
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he isn't just a fagboy when you see someone like it you will notice he is that much of a fagboy that it makes him a fagboi. A fagboi is an extreme queerbait on the level that there is no other way to describe him so you have to call him a fagboi.
ex. "oh hey i'm tom and girls are all beautiful on the inside. appearances don't matter."
"well tom you are one of the biggest fagbois I have ever met."
by fagboi queermeister April 8, 2014
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On every Tuesday it is okay to act sis and gay as possible.
You suck another boys penis on Tuesday it’s no gay it fagboy Tuesday
by OG FagBoy October 29, 2019
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"Hey Sony Fagboy give me back my drink"

"Piss off Fagboy why don't you go play Crash Fagdicoot"
by Wallace.D November 12, 2008
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