An island in eastern canada part of nova scotia the best place on earth to live the island is shaped like the number six.
I will always love living in cape breton
by kenneth123 September 19, 2006
A Newfie who missed the ferry.
Newfie 1: Oh great, we missed the ferry.
Newfie 2: Then that makes us Cape Bretoners.
by mainlander from the island December 8, 2011
A small island on the East Coast of Canada, infested with senior citizens.

Not really mcuh to do there, unless you are so inclined to go drinking every other night or pop stolen prescription drugs (oxycotins). In the summer, you can't even go swimming really casue most of the beaches are closed due to contamination.

The people, while nice, are a little hypocritical. They like to harp on about how the gov't screws them and owes them this and that, but don't mind sitting at home collecting
pogey 10mths at a time, in between dash and grabs to Alberta.

Claim to be the friendlist place in Canada, and yea it is to an extent, but you will find that all of Atlantic Canada is friendly on pretty much the same level, including Newfoundland.

They kind of have a delusioned view on how the rest of Canada views them. They think they are cuddly and everyone loves them, but in reality most people (esp. Ontario west) think they are a bunch of lazy fuckwads who dont want to work, sorry guys if that sounds harsh, but thats how it is (I've seen it)

Lastly, if you are from Halifax, heaven forbid you mention that while you are visiting there or live there I lived there for 3 years, and once I revealed I was from Halifax, I was the brunt end of ignorant treatment and spite. This most likely has to do with the rediculous inferiority complex that most Capers have for Halifax, truth be told, most Halegonians don't give a shit about you unless they are
related to you (sorry)
Cape Breton, It's an Ok place, but I'm glad I don't live there anymore.
by The Mad Hatter 55 June 13, 2009
A peninsula in Nova Scotia. Often mistaken as a real island. (never tell a caper that his island isnt a real island). nice scenery and that's about it. locals think it is the best place in the world (since they have never made it out of the maritimes). way to many Scottish People who all know each other.
Halifax person: Where are you from?
caper: im from cape Breton island!
Halifax person: don't you mean cape Breton peninsula?
caper: f**k you! i don't care what a map says its a real island!
by wh15 August 23, 2010
The act of intentionally driving your car (or other transportation device) over an uneven surface in order to send sensual vibrations through a woman's erogenous zones.
Sandy asked Dave to drive over the Johnson St Bridge so that she could receive a Cape Breton Rumble Strip
by Douglas6969 August 23, 2006