this is what occurs when Practical Nursing students, or students in general study for exams every week while completing assignments worth 10% of their mark.
brain melting
by pain-in-the-brain November 21, 2013
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Any mental task, lesson, game, puzzle, complicated book or other mentally difficult thing that is fascinating but becomes hard to comprehend after awhile, sending one into a confused state known as brain melt.
"I've tried to read 'A Brief History of Time' but after about the first few pages I just go into brain melt."
by eloiserat July 24, 2009
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When you go to work but have nothing to do, so you end up standing and/or sitting around waiting for the next project.
Person 1: How's your day going?

Person 2: Uhg, I've had nothing to do all afternoon. I'm having a total brain melt.
by krdgrl October 07, 2009
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Mostly used in the Uk, people say it to insult someone it’s like (bitch) nobody Ken’s the actual meaning we just like to call people that
“Aye no shit you brain melt” “nah I did fooken tell u to be at mines at 6 no 5 brain melt”
by Junkie6969 February 26, 2019
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