3 definitions by LolaCatalanaPerfect

A girl/guy that always plays the victim card and cares only about themselves and not others. Who also is fake and gets jealous over their ex's.
Hunter is a rat roach. He's mad because his ex is moving on and won't take him back.
by LolaCatalanaPerfect May 27, 2019
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When you are losing all connection with society. You are drifting away. All your emotions are leaving and you're being left with emptiness. You lose yourseld. All your motivation and smiles are nom-existing. Every part of you is gone.
After everything I've ever through, I'm finally fading away.
by LolaCatalanaPerfect May 20, 2019
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A fakefriend or a friend who hurts you badly and or is untrustworthy.
Turtle,"I heard u called me Ugly you birch!
Me,"Your so Ferbird!I convinced you that you weren't ugly!!!
by LolaCatalanaPerfect June 21, 2016
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