(v) to engage in, with vigour, a task that you would normally not put much effort into because of lack of enthusiasm, low self-confidence or other inculpative factors
we are going out tonight, and we're gonna put a faddle on it!
by SenorJordo July 23, 2011
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completes a nonsensical task; creates nonsense, either with or without self-knowledge.
by Mike Gellerman June 24, 2006
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When a human face is used as a bicycle saddle, it's called faddle (face+saddle).
Amy : 'I will have a long workout on my gym bike, please be my faddle, hon!'

Brian : 'Yes, my mistress , I will serve you with pleasure! '
by Jeab5 April 6, 2019
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When you gotta deuce, but it’s no ordinary deuce. You definitely have the faddles. The internal temperature rises the stomach starts bubbling and the shakes and sweats follow. Before finally a thick coating is left on 3/4 of the throne interior. And a relief like no other comes over you, almost euphoric.
Whomever - “wtf is wrong with you, it’s like septic tank exploded in here”.... “ Sorry I have the Faddles.”
by One time for Sharon December 3, 2020
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Fat, puffy, feet that resemble a paddle. Great for swimming, not so attractive to look at.
Look at that girls feet. I can't even see any toe definition.

Man, she is rocking some straight faddles.
by Lrzewnicki August 30, 2009
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