Factorials is a common phrase used to agree with something 100%

Person 1 says: "Martin was smashing the actress who played Pam during the filming of the TV show Martin. Her and Gina both could get it"
Person 2 responds with" " Factorials, they both had a phat ass"
by Dblock13 September 9, 2018
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Short for shit factory, a worthless, good-for-nothing person just taking up valuable space on the planet.
"That worthless scum is just a factory, using resources without contributing anything of value."
by Hugh Johnson August 4, 2005
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refers to a paint job, sound system, rims or anything else to do with a vehicle that comes standard with the vehicle.
He ain't shit! I got custom candy paint on my car and he ridin' factory!
by qdmasta September 2, 2003
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Originally a mathematical term. Denoted as "4!" and read as "four factorial," it's the product of 1x2x3x4=24.

Heard used when describing someone whose clothes are about 10 sizes too tight: "Yo, she ain't no size four, she's a size four factorial!"

Originating in the Manayunk area of Philadelphia, PA, as well as the Philadelphia suburb of Phoenixville, PA, as a word to describe anything or any situation as totally outrageous or ridiculous, it is quickly becoming adopted as colloquialism all over the Philadelphia metro area.
1.) "Steve ate an entire pizza last night when he was drunk. he's fucking factorial"
2.) "We don't need no factorial bitches up in here" (for added effect, the word "bitches" can be replaced with "betches").
3.) "My boyfriend caught me checking out another guy and went totally factorial on my ass."
4.) "We got drunk at the bar last night, and I have no idea what happened after that. It was a totally factorial night"
by Four Factorial Betches November 25, 2006
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As in "factory air". Fairly rare and quite a treat. The space between *certain* women's most upper and inner thigh. From front or benind light will shine through. So good, you cant get it, it has to be installed in the factory.
Jessica Biel, Heather Locklear. "Jeeze, did you see the factory on Jessica Biel"? Yum.
by Nutrabear September 28, 2007
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