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to be incapable of opening one's eyes more than just a slit. May result from constant exposure to smoke, i.e. in the case of a pothead, or in the event of being struck in the face by a piece of citrus fruit at high velocity.
The stoner squinted at me after I pegged him in the face with an orange.
by jaw5 November 04, 2005

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more than 5 o'clock shadow but less than a beard. That awkward in between stage that itches and looks like poorly trimmed pubic hair.
Seriously dude, get that shmuz off your face. it's disgusting.
by jaw5 November 03, 2005

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to destroy or cause irreperable damage to another's property or person, usually without malicious intent and easily forgiven later. Involves alcohol consumption, nudity, and shaving cream. Participants may only use the word "RAGE" in preparation for and during this event, and it is always screamed as forcefully as possible.
the Rage:
He looked up at us and smiled: "You've ruined my life," he said, "you burned down my house and broke both of my legs."
"We were raging pretty hard," I said. "The ambulance and fire trucks should be here soon."
"You certainly were," he responded, and he winked at me.
by jaw5 November 04, 2005

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Another word for breasts; used in circumstances where a male's attraction to a female derives from other factors besides her overall looks, i.e. the size of her titties.
"Why the fuck did you hook up with that ugly ho?!"
"Dude, you should have seen the size of her factors."
by jaw5 November 07, 2005

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