A Canadian version of the english word "fuck". It was created by the candanians in the mid 1940's when they retreated from a World War 2 battle.
Fack! We're being shot at guy. Run budday!

What the fack are you doing?
by Bill April 21, 2004
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Similar to FUPA, but this is simply a contraction of the words FAT and BACK.
by Loose Goose August 03, 2005
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1. An alternative, more acceptable term to use in place of "fuck"

2. "fuck" in the Bostonian language.

3. A term used frequently in ebonics, replacing the word "fact".
1. "I just tripped over that ottoman, Dick van Dyke style. Fack, that was unnecessary."

2. "Yo, buddy, why don't ya get ya fackin' ca' out da fackin' way before I put my foot up ya' fackin' ass."

3. "Er' body know Sheena's baby daddy is Rayquan, that's a fack."
by Nunya Bidnis November 04, 2010
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