The most G thug in the world! has amazing girlfriend and nothing can beat him, WHATS GOOD Nigga
Bang Bang i shoot ya nigga<---- quote of pate
by Pate whatsgood August 1, 2011
The top of the head.
Not to be confused with the liver paste - pate'.

"His bald spot revealed his shining, pink pate."
by Amber Hart October 27, 2005
Increasingly hot and stunning girl. Nobody messes with her. Very smart and conning. However down to earth with what she does. Genuis
Pate is so great.
Pating is short for a pathetic person. The term was first used in the suburbs of Oslo and is now a widely used term. It's not quite as offensive as actually telling someone that they're a pathetic person, and is commonly used among friends when they do something stupid or short-minded. Pating may be shortened with a simple "P".
Example one:
To friends are walking down the street when suddenly one of them trips in his own laces.
Friend 1: Haha, you're such a pating!
Friend 2: Gaaaah, I know... I'm nothing more than a P...

Example 2:
You're walking down the street and suddenly see a dude with his pants stuffed in his tennis socks.

"Wow, that's a pating"
by pating April 21, 2010
n. the area of your body that your entire underwear covers.
When playing Xevoz one often finds there are never enough of the pieces that conneect the torso to the legs, the "pates."
by Manders January 1, 2006
the sound of the noise it makes when a bullet hits a chinese person in a bullet proof vest
i roll around whalley and shoot that wack chanker and ''paTING'' his ass get up and maul me.
by DaBomb. September 4, 2006