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The most G thug in the world! has amazing girlfriend and nothing can beat him, WHATS GOOD Nigga
Bang Bang i shoot ya nigga<---- quote of pate
by Pate whatsgood August 01, 2011
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1. to take a fat L
2. to be bad at a game; a bot
3. to masturbate
1. make you really took a pat e just now
2. what a pat e smh
3. have you patted ur e today?
by aramdana April 27, 2019
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Increasingly hot and stunning girl. Nobody messes with her. Very smart and conning. However down to earth with what she does. Genuis
Pate is so great.
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n. the area of your body that your entire underwear covers.
When playing Xevoz one often finds there are never enough of the pieces that conneect the torso to the legs, the "pates."
by Manders December 31, 2005
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That weird brown paste that you get when you order a spread of dips and smells like it has fish in it.
What's this?
I think I will just eat the carrot.
by 1Head June 03, 2019
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