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To be thrown under the bus; A popular term at Boeing and possibly other corporate entities.
When someone either intentionally or unintentionally says something that makes you look bad or points out a mistake you made in front of your peers. This is similar to being backstabbed, but usually the circumstances are much more minor. This is sometimes used jokingly to tell someone that what they said may have crossed the line, or they were stepping on your toes.
"Way to throw me under the bus in there Abraham! I hadn't told any of them they were being transferred, you let the cat out of the bag before I had a chance to tell them!"

"I was thrown under the bus every day Jebadiah, those A-holes have no respect!"
by ninja787 September 23, 2009
A heavy breather is a generic name for a person that is in a position of power and influence. They do not breathe any louder than the rest of us, but their breath/words have a larger impact on society. This term usually is used reserved corporate executives or high level politicians.
"So dog, whaddid ya do today?! Dude, I had to sit in this meeting with a bunch of heavy breathers"

"The heavy breathers of the right are panting for spending cuts again"
by ninja787 September 23, 2009
A horribly incorrect useage of grammar, based on the word facilitate. This word ignorantly runs rampant within Boeing and possibly other corporate entities. Its means, to go make sure that all facilities are in place for an upcoming project.
"John, is stall 1F2 all facilitized? We need that shiz done, hurry the F up!"

"Jesus! Fritz, is it really best practice to facilitize before you even look at the impact of the scenario? Your killing me Fritz."
by ninja787 September 23, 2009