Similar to Movember (dedicating ones self to moustache excellence throughout the month of November) Decembeard takes this one step further promoting the untamed growth of facial hair. This lasts until Manuary when men everywhere, sculpt their efforts, trying to live up to the standards of the Manliest of Men.
Devon: Hey Corey. What happen to your Decembeard?

Corey: Who cares about stupid Decembeard.

Chuck Norris: Your Ass is GRASS!
by Devcolb December 16, 2009
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The month following Novembeard and preceding Manuary. It is the second month of unimpeded facial-hair growth prior to shaving one's beard into a desired mustache/chops combination in recognition of Manuary.
My Decembeard is getting pretty thick, I can't wait till the new year to form this into one helluva Manuary mustache.
by andrew said thomas January 4, 2009
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when it is cold in December some men grow a Decembeard to stay warm.
i was cold so durring December so i grew a Decembeard.
by jewfro707 December 24, 2009
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the 2nd month in a series of non shaving activities
no shave november was sweet, but wait untill Decembeard its gonna get real burley!
by barbolonian November 2, 2009
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