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Where the half-witted post teenage pregnancy "managers" tell everyone what to do, because their lives revolve around 2 minutes.
I need a whopper cheese for the window right away!!!111, I'm a "cook" and I see shit all from hurrying so I'm gonna cook even slower.
by whopper boy December 10, 2004

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The stuff that fat people will bitch about if its not made correctly. Most of the employees are underpaid teenages who dont give a shit about you or your order (even though they seem like they do.)
Hey you got my order wrong, Im missing a medium fries. We all know your really not, your just trying to screw our company. Good job asswipe, people make mistakes. Calm down and go for a run, fatass.
by whopper boy December 11, 2004

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Either it looks like shit rubbed onto your upper lip, our your a very "large and in charge" woman with what looks like the rat-stache of a 12 year old boy.
The managers at Burger King
by whopper boy December 11, 2004

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