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When your on facebook and you look at your friends friends that you dont know and look through thier pictures and read thier comments or wall to walls and their profile.
"So I was facestalking that girl brenna today"

"omg what a facestalker!"

"oh yeah i facestalk her sometimes."

"savannah and luisa facestalk me"
by Luisa and Savannah July 28, 2008
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A pastime involving the relentless stalking of individuals over the friend network site Facebook, This Usually involves repeated periods of masturbations over the victim’s photographs.
'I'm a Facestalker, I'll find you and cum over your pictures'
by The wiseman 22 June 21, 2009
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A person of whom preys on the weak and addicted in the facebook world. These "facestalkers" spend every spare minute looking at everyones status update, new photos and potential friends or 'hotties'..
Such people are in need of serious help as once they begin the stalking, ending is near impossible!.
"hey you should totally check out.... he is so hot.. i'v been facestalking him"
"omg- your such a facestalker"
by facenessnessness February 04, 2010
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