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A statement or action that leads one to perform a facepalm.
Person A: "So, how hot is that new TA in Calc?"
Person B: "Let's just say she's generous with her curves."
Ignorant Bystander: "Yeah, I really shouldn't have done that well on that exam as I actually did. Question 6 nearly killed me."
Person A (to B): "Dear God, was that ever a facepalmer."
by Peter the Greater August 18, 2007
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a person who facepalms others
Bully/Jock/Nerd From Highschool: Hey! haven't seen you in years!

Facepalmer: we weren't friends in school, we're not going to be friends now *facepalm*
by last_name_left July 23, 2009
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A nickname held by a former Formula 1 driver, Jolyon Palmer, due to his disastrous racing performance. Often paired with "Jolyoff" derived from his name.
Poor weekend for Hamilton. And as for Jolyon Face-Palmer! Oh dear.
by m4ti140 December 15, 2017
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