Incorrect pronounciation of the word 'asterisk'. Use of the word 'asteriks' is a result of the USA's substandard education system.
Jim: Hey Lou, what's that star thingy called that you get from pressing SHIFT + 8?

Lou: an asteriks

Jim: Aha! I knew you were a dumbass.
by Stupid Lou September 29, 2006
The thing that pisses all gamers off when they get extremely frusterated and start spamming the most vile and horrid combinations of words ever and never are able to express themselves clearly because of these annoying little stars that substitute for the word

Joey: WHAT!?!?! YOU ** **** ******** ******

Corey: Wtf?

Joey: **** asteriks...
by Corios March 31, 2009
A common misspelling of the word "asterisk."

(An asterisk is the star symbol: *)
Jim: Hey Bob, how do you write a footnote reference?

Bob: Put an asterik at the end of the reference word and an asterik at the begginning of the footnote itself.

Jim: Please, Bob, the the tricks I do with my ass have nothing to do with this. I'll just put asterisks there instead.
by Zoraster May 19, 2010
A justice server in the world of sports. Pretty much the greatest way to humiliate cheaters and thieves who have attempted to break records for nothing much in return.
Clear examples of the asterik:
Barry Bonds 756 home run ball*
Marion Jones at the Sydney 2000 Olympics* (dq)
by Smart American Male June 3, 2008
the word circumflix asterik satnds for this. ^
this symblo in a chat room means to stop talking.
The circumflix asterik ^.
by Ritin August 30, 2006