hi5 is an online environment for meeting new people, connecting with friends, and sharing ideas. Something like MySpace, but easier.
theirs ups and downs to it, you cant personolize it that much, but its way easier to use tehn MySpace
go to hi5.com and see whats up
but you do have to sign up for it
by none85 August 25, 2005
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It is a friendster system where you can add your friends from your email list and add new friends from all over the world. All latin people are on it. It seems to be the latin myspace; and soon, it will become the asian myspace. A lot of people from India and Pakistan have joined, and if you include your email address, they'll talk to you.

hi5 is simpler than myspace, but lately, it has changed so you are able to modify everything on your page. You can see who has visited your profile and you can send "testimonials", not "comments", which makes testimonials sound serious. If you send someone a comment on myspace, you dont even have to know them well, it can just be a "hi!" but if you send a testimonial to someone on hi5, it has to be something amazing that describes how great that person is and so on.
latin girl #1: write me a testimonial on hi5! please!
latin boy #2: no...we're not that close yet!
latin girl #1: how about a myspace comment?
latin boy #1: Why, sure!
by humans are scary June 7, 2006
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A sexual performance where the woman stays in the middle of two men performing oral sex on one and going doggy-style on the other.
They should be drinking beer and doing HI5's with their hands.
man#1 - yeah! this bitch blows!
man#2 - yeah dude! HI5!!!
CLAP! CLAP! (hands claping)
man#1 - we should hi5 some more bitches!
man#2 - yeah!!! hi5's rock!!!
by eristoff March 14, 2008
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Having HIV(the first stage of AIDS)
After all dat fuckin she did, She finally got a Hi5(The number 5 is V in Roman Numerals)
by JAYCE MONROE September 23, 2006
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this is a way i like to congatulate myself on a job well done.. cos like.. WHO CARES ABOUT OTHER PEOPLES OPiNiONS..

iTS FoR yOu...
so congratulate yourself wit a
SELF Hi5....
directions for a self hi-5

I'm gonna self hi5 myself to kewlness.

one. bend knees slightly and prepare your body in the "ready to jump over a wild maniac cat wit a chainsaw and foamin at themouth wit rabies and is going to eat ur ass" position. with both arms loosely by your hips.

two. tighten muscles in lower calfs of both legs, tense up ur toes and ready urself for a vertical launch into the wide oxygen air above ur beautifully shaped head.. begin raisin and extendin both arms in an upwards claspin motion..

three. thrustin ur body upwards and pushin quite hard, whilst simultanously clappin your open palms above your head
Tip : Clap like ur clappin for somethin great or Wonderfullingly wonderful and good..

four. now is the exciting part.. as your hands clasp
together and omit that !!CLAP!! sound..scream from the height of your voice wit all of your lungs can
errupt.. omit the following phrase..


five. picture this exact moment in ur mind and remember this
as a "Valued Moment".. you now look the BiZ..you're coolness factor has jus increased by 50%!!

six. land gracefully upon the ground sound and safe whilst
maintainin a perfect confident dazzlin smile..

Notice how now everybody knows how great you are..

the end...
by Greg "DamoBrad" Doyle November 14, 2007
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The legend wait for it dary act of shaking your hand before going in for the full contact high 5.

Also see shaky slap, shaky backhand slap, shaky low 5, shaky ass kick, shaky booty 5.

Any of which can inherit the shaky namesake by first shaking the appendage that is to be used for the immediate action.
shaky: *unconsciously shake object in hand*

Friend 1: oooh wHaT ??? shaky hi5!!!!

Friend 2: shaky hi5!!!!
by shakyhi5grandmasta January 20, 2012
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The misspelling of Hi-5, the Australian TV show for kids in which two men and three women sing songs, do things. Members: Stevie, the guy with the blonde hair and builds blocks and cringy stuff. Tim, the guy who has brown hair and looks like Stevie's brother and does things and sometimes does some notes. Fely, the girl who has brown hair and annoys the purple alien guy puppet "Jup Jup" who also annoying her in the windows and helps her with item clues. Casey, the girl who does random things with Chats, the helping puppet who comes out of the box. Lauren, the girl with most segments in the show and does useless things.
Have you watched Hi5?
It's Hi-5 you dumbass
by JadenTheMoose April 2, 2022
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