4 definitions by Black Josh

A Beast Guard For The Golden State Warriors. Arguably The Fastest Guy In The NBA.Even Tho He Has Ugly And-1 Shoes. Hes Still Beast.
Monta Ellis Is The One Man Fast Break. He'll Kick Chuck Norris's Ass.
by Black Josh January 11, 2008
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Somebody Who Sweats In Weird Places For No Reason..
Dude Atown Wtf Why Are You Sweating We Didn't Even Start P.E, & Why Is In Only On Your Nose.
by Black Josh January 23, 2008
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Two Words That Are Played Out But Should Be Brought Back.
John Fagnor:"Ay Mark Your Fat"
Mark E:"Your Moms Fat"
Some Random Black Guy:"FA SHO"
by Black Josh January 17, 2008
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