A supreme complement given to someone for a job well done.
That girl just gave the best Blow J I have every had! It was Dick-suckery fa-sho!

After a speedy pizza delivery, you write on the online survey that your service was, dick-suckery fa-sho!
by MODhouse March 30, 2009
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When you see a beautiful girl, and you want to have intercourse with her.
Mike: "Did you see that movie with Jessica Biel in her underwear"?

Jason: "Yeah, Im tryin to GET THAT FA SHO"!!
by Colon Feral December 12, 2009
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o man fo shizzzle dizzle shit aiyte aiyte damn there ARE SOME cool non AzNs at SjF...aiyte there happy...i need some tp for my bungholio...haha lol
we b the SjF foos fa sho hurrr shit we gonna take over this place haha
by Joshdizzzllle December 30, 2004
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people dat belong to SJF and r proud of it...i think..lolz
We're SJF fOoz Fa ShO.
by >{~PeNGi~}< December 28, 2004
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yeah yeah for shure, yes yes of course, hey hey for shure, yo ya for shure!

hey,im not yo yo fa sho peace homiedizzle im outta here wangster peace homiedizzle im outta here wangster!!
by Dylz July 5, 2006
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sJf fooz meanz family ya kno..even if sum peepz dont think so..

..hOo AggReez wit meh?..
gots a krew hoo no matta hoo b in it believez in fam.. different racez united..hehe fo sho!
by »» wItTLe KaRi « « January 3, 2004
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people that hate sjf but the people there matter...
sjf foos fa sho are kool...
by Lo0p January 2, 2004
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