Meaning you killed someone very skillfully and or someone is using s sniper rifle
" Man Bob is pulling a fRod on them!"
by sHane February 27, 2005
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the technical definition of the feeling of skin after being in water too long. Some americans say "pruny" or "wrinkly" but the british definition is Frod.
"Ugh.. my fingers have gone all frod"
"I stayed in the bath too long and now my skin feels all frod"
by XopsX November 23, 2005
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Just like frotting... with two D's.
Were they frodding? Yes the two D's were side by side.
by Vibrating viking April 15, 2017
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<Qwerty> Fascinating.
by Bastardized Bottomburp May 11, 2003
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Acronym, standing for the Flaming Riders Of Death. the most fuckin bad ass group of crazy individuals ever.
FROD will kick your pansy ass hardcore.

FROD eats members of wordTCB/word for breakfast.
by riloh February 27, 2003
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