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To play a single player video game through with more than one player. Swapping who controls the game at various points.
"Dude, Claire and I totally hot-seated through zelda the other day"

"Tom can't play Halo with us tonight, he is hot seating with his housemates on Metroid"
by XopsX October 31, 2007
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To be very excited and enthused about something that you do not fully understand. A mixture of confusion and enthusiasm.
Joe showed incredible levels of confusiasm when he expressed how excited he was about going out.. but didnt know where he was going.
Tom - "I cant wait to see that film!! its gonna be the best!"
Chip - "why?"
Tom - "I dont... know..."
Chip - "thats some confusiasm you are showing there..."
by XopsX June 03, 2008
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Alternate term for seamen or man milk
by XopsX June 12, 2003
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All the sea monkeys that get left behind after the act... that are flushed out into the waterways of the world.

Frequently used as a manner of swearing without swearing.
God damn piss monkeys!
What the piss monkeys is going on here?
I say, piss monkeys again?
by XopsX June 12, 2003
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the technical definition of the feeling of skin after being in water too long. Some americans say "pruny" or "wrinkly" but the british definition is Frod.
"Ugh.. my fingers have gone all frod"
"I stayed in the bath too long and now my skin feels all frod"
by XopsX November 23, 2005
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