Fit As Fuck.

This acronym for the term was coined in Essex, England, and since then has been frequenly used by the whole teenage age group, especially those in the Alternative music scene. It can quite commonly be found on Myspace, a popular internet socialising website.

Please note: F.A.F. has a dot after the second F to add emphasis. The conventional F.A.F is more widely used. The extra dot may also added to avoid the certain 'chaviness' surrounding the more common form.

It also quite acceptable to use F.A.F. in normal speach.
Picture Comment:

F.A.F. You have preety eyes dear.

Spoken English:

Richard: Qwoar, that new Art teacher is preety tastey yeah?
Ross: She's F.A.F. mate. Better get better at painting!
by Fabien Dumort July 05, 2007
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A word of Afrikaans origin directly translated as 'cheat.' It can be used in a rather condescending manner, or as a way to describe one who fiddles with balls.
The ball wasn't swinging so we Faffed it into condition.
by ICC Integrity Commissioner November 22, 2016
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1: "I love your outfit"
2: Thanks!
3: "Didn't you just say it was ugly"
1: "Yeah, but she doesn't know that"
3: "Why are you F.A.F"
via giphy
by A. Hudson September 27, 2018
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Frat as fuck. The term is bestowed upon a greek's actions whenever such actions exemplify fratitude.
Looking FaF is exemplified by wearing Nantucket Red pants/shorts with a navy blazer and Sperrys, etc...
by SigEpEagles October 31, 2010
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A fake ass friend/ Someone who laughs in your face and then talks about you in a negative manner.
Matilda is a faf because she told your business to your enemy.
by Spartan Queen September 28, 2017
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FAF - or 'Flex As Fuck', fullout - is used when something isn't just flex, but more than flex. It can be used in a number of situations, when something is just to flex for words. It can come in especially handy when one is shown a picture of one another and you are trying to describe a pose, facial expression, etc.

There is also an hand symbol / gesture to indicate that something is FAF. The symbol uses two call me sign, with crossed pinkies.

The saying / meme 'Flex As Fuck', or 'FAF', is it is commonly abbreviated, was found by two high school students from the arts school of Antwerp, Belgium, in 2016, when they were on an excursion in Leuven.
Wow, that image looks FAF.
- I know, right. (FAF-hand gesture)
That girl's style is just FAF.
by roanlove October 30, 2016
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