did u c dat lad ova der he is faf
by millie September 25, 2003
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Fit As Fuck.

This acronym for the term was coined in Essex, England, and since then has been frequenly used by the whole teenage age group, especially those in the Alternative music scene. It can quite commonly be found on Myspace, a popular internet socialising website.

Please note: F.A.F. has a dot after the second F to add emphasis. The conventional F.A.F is more widely used. The extra dot may also added to avoid the certain 'chaviness' surrounding the more common form.

It also quite acceptable to use F.A.F. in normal speach.
Picture Comment:

F.A.F. You have preety eyes dear.

Spoken English:

Richard: Qwoar, that new Art teacher is preety tastey yeah?
Ross: She's F.A.F. mate. Better get better at painting!
by Fabien Dumort July 5, 2007
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1: "I love your outfit"
2: Thanks!
3: "Didn't you just say it was ugly"
1: "Yeah, but she doesn't know that"
3: "Why are you F.A.F"
by A. Hudson September 27, 2018
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This philosophy conference on speculative aesthetics is F.A.F.
by metalycarnaval December 14, 2019
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when a girl say she yo friend and then go behind you back talking shit. thats a fake as female(F.A.F)
by *LiL OPN* November 7, 2009
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Hey F.A.F.

OH look, here comes F.A.F.
by iVanH June 12, 2008
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