The first derivative of a function. See calculus.
If f(x) is equal to x^2+2x+5
then f'(x) is equal to 2x+2.
by ManMan36 May 23, 2016
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f(x) is a South Korea-based girl group formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2009. In August 2015, it was announced that Sulli had officially left the group to focus on acting. The remaining members: Victoria, Amber, Luna, and Krystal, continued as a group, releasing their fourth studio album, 4 Walls, in October.
Why did Fifth Harmony Camila's departure reminded me of Sulli leaving F(X)...?
by jennie kim December 28, 2016
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f(x) (Korean: 에프엑스; pronounced /ˌɛf ˈɛks/) is a South Korean girl band formed by SM Entertainment. The group made their debut on September 1, 2009.

The members are:
- Victoria (Leader, Lead Dancer)
- Amber (Main Rapper)
- Luna (Lead Vocal, Main Dancer)
- Sulli (Vocal, Rapper)
- Krystal (Maknae, Main Singer, Main Dancer)
A : Ugh, I don't get this whole f(x) thingy.. (Looking at the math book)
B : What? how come you don't get them?! F(x) is like one of the hottest girl groups from South Korea!
A : Eh?
by affxtionate June 20, 2011
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F-Zero X is a racing game published by Nintendo, and was released September 18th, 1998. This game was originally made for use on the Nintendo 64, but was also released on virtual console.

F-Zero X is one of the best games ever created, and includes one of the most amazing soundtracks of all time.
F-Zero X is known for it's fast paced action, with racing speeds that often exceed 1000Km/h. Featuring 30 different racers and 24 tracks. Today, it still remains one of the greatest creations in video game history.
Person #1 : "Today I feel like playing the best game ever created."

Person #2 : "you mean F-Zero X?"

Person #1 : "Well, obviously."
by Jonathon Harker April 02, 2009
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Hardest N64 game to this day.
F-Zero X is so of the hardest video games ever made, a lot of people skipped the Master Class.
by OmegaVideoGameGod November 01, 2017
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