short for "fuck up"... Australian for: make a mistake, cause a problem. Usually used by women who like to appear "cooth" or "cultured"
"Struth you idiot! What a f up you did on that job". Past tense, f'd up: "You really f'd up this time, Mate!"
by Linda Murdoch February 10, 2006
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An exclamation; short for "Fuck Up", which is short for "Shut The Fuck Up". Used mostly by Mick and Frog of Anti-AOL fame.
"f up, you kid touching dolt."
by Scott LeDouche October 15, 2003
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Go f-up your image on
by cav1 July 14, 2005
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AKA : "Fucked up" this version is for people under the age of 13 and/or are christian and cannot swear. Really just some pussy who is scared of their mommy finding out.
kid : dammit i f*cked up

other player: dude are you like 12 you can swear on the internet you little christian bitch, or are you too scared that your mum will find out?

kid : :'(
by Intrigued but not Convinced January 20, 2016
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ex 1: Goddamn, how could Mr. McSex gave us three chapters of homework tonight?! F me up the a, dude!

ex 2: Well, since Mr. McSex is married with kids and full out intercourse would be wrong, I wish he would just hurry up and f me up the a!

-- moral of the story: school doesn't just blow- it fucks you up the ass.
by likesitfrombehind February 16, 2008
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A. Synonymous with messed up or rude. Short for ‘fucked up.’ Commonly used when someone makes a decision that pisses you off & lacks tact & good judgment.
Player 1: Hey, did you hear that Sean & Pete are bailing on the kickball game tonight to hang solo?
Player 2: Seriously, man? That is 'F' ed up I guess it makes sense though. This isn’t the first time they’ve done that.
by kickball loyal April 27, 2009
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