That picture is so eye sucking, i wanna look at it all day.
by h0llY! October 17, 2007
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The look someone gives you when they want to suck your dick
Yo buddy over there just gave me the suck eyes, he must be gay.
by doubledds420 May 4, 2018
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To call and/or compliment someone by pulling air through pursed lips (or blowing air through opn lips but closed front teeth with tongue pressed to roof of mouth). Catcall. steups n. Trinidad & Tobago. Name given to the sound made by sucking air past the teeth with lips pursed.
by TnT868 June 8, 2018
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girls who have extremely sexy eyes that would look great looking up at you giving you a bj
Brad: Damn, Carmen Electra has amazing eyes.

Tom: She's got dick sucking eyes.
by iceboxsurprise1111 August 20, 2009
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An adult male with eyes that give you the creeps or are overly effeminate.
Tom: Something has always bugged me about Patrick Swayze.

Hank: It's because he has dick sucking eyes.
by Witworth March 4, 2010
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A condition that refers to the soulless appearance of eyes belonging to women who frequently, thoughtlessly suck dick. VDSE is rampant on college campuses internationally, and can also frequently be found in nightclubs amongst females hovering in close proximity to the bar. VDSE is not contagious.
"Dude, what's wrong with that chick?"
"Nothing man, she's totally hot"
"But dude, those eyes..."
"Fuck, she's totally got VDSE (Vapid Dick-Sucking Eyes)"
"What's VDSE?"
"Vapid Dick Sucking Eyes, ask your doctor about it."
by The Polemic June 13, 2013
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