The organs specifically used to view pornography.
Jim's eyes couldn't look away from Tina's tits.
by chad123456789010 December 14, 2010
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contact lenses
- I can't read it, I haven't got my eyes in

- Come to bed
- Ok, just let me take my eyes out
by multi-wall July 10, 2008
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When you look deep in someone's eyes you see there soul there personality there child hood there trauma there lack of words there silence the flaws there happiness and there sadness. The eyes of a man or woman are the most powerful feature to one's body alot of people can't look others in there eyes when and if they are in denial, hiding something, feared by, or Evan if they feel insecure empty or feel rejected people kiss with there eyes close often to enjoy the kiss opposed to one's who keep there eyes open cause the best things in life are ment to be seen.
by Fearlessgirl23 June 18, 2015
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n. The part of your face in which you see things out of. Below your eyebrows and above your nose. Your eye consists of eyelashes and may be any colour under the rainbow if you use contact lenses, which are like glasses only you don't wear dorky looking thingies on your face.
My eyes are pretty because they are green.
by LemonsAndOranges August 11, 2005
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Also known as Raven's Eye MAG clan or just Eye, (IPA /aษช/), is a heinous team of experts on tactical combat and communication known for its high rate of success against Valor Company and S.V.E.R. greed and terror.

Booghe: "EYE got my eye on you!"
by sometwo October 26, 2010
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digital scales. Used to weigh contraband such as crack, weed, and other illegal drugs.
by T. M. Roberts November 17, 2007
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