I just got a(n) *insert most wanted object here*!!! EYAH!!!
by Phyllis J. Michaels December 26, 2005
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An expression meaning "yeah" or "yes" or what"
eyah, I can come.
by CsonC May 22, 2003
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the austrian term for "yes", as commonly sed by Austrian Bodybuilder and Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Person 1: Is that you arnold, or is it your clone?
Arnold: EYAH! Of course it's the real me!
Arnold (?): Eyah, No wait! I'm the real me!
by Nelly December 2, 2003
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A word of many meanings. Usually used to show agreement/excitement towards a suggestion made by a friend. Also can be said (quickly) when something is said that you couldnt be less interested in and you have to say something to at least show you were listening.
"Dude..what if we crushed these brews THEN hit the movies with 10 sexy ladies..." EYAHH!!!!

"Did you know the sun is gonna be bigger than usual today because of the earths abnormal rotation?" ........ "eyah" (said very quickly/softly)
by Crush City Bitch October 5, 2012
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An annoying word used to humiliate someone when he or she is observed making an embarrassing mistake. This word must be said loudly with much emphasis in order to exagerate the situation.
Julie: Ah Shit!!! I just spilled Del Scorcho sauce all up on my new Filas! Rhonda: EYAH!!!!
by rhonda September 16, 2004
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When you meant to type yeah to a friend but misspell it.
John: You wanna come browse Urban Dictionary with me?
Jason: Eyah.
John: I hate you and I hope I never see your disgusting, vile, putrid face ever again.
by PepsiColaSoda April 20, 2018
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