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A nickname for a penis I've seen.
Be careful with Dr. Destroy, he's sensitive.
by AlGetcha May 11, 2022
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Someone who spends so much time online that it becomes their whole world. Used to describe someone who speaks with a lot of internet vocabulary, uses meme references in everyday speech and is deeply ingrained with different subcultures of the internet.

Often used as a way of dismissing someone for getting angry on Twitter, especially when it's about something political.
"If you've been scrolling through my feed all morning and calling people racial slurs, I don't have time for you extremely online people, take a break."
by AlGetcha January 30, 2021
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A phrase used to express when something was learned through the internet, or more specifically Youtube in the absence of being taught by someone's school or university.
Often used to express frustration at one's educational facility.
"How did you manage to pull of that project last semester? They didn't teach us how to do anything."
"University of Youtube, I'll send you the tutorial I used."
by AlGetcha August 14, 2022
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