A Notorious Title Only Obtained When Following These Rules:
1. It has to be insanely stupid.
2. It has to break at least two laws.
3. You have to call someone BRO after its done.
4. You have to exaggerate rule number 2.
5. You have to rub it in the face of the "losers" who arent EXTREME
"Jim and Bob went into town and chugged red bull, fist pumped to Shots (the song), Stole countless things and Vandalized public property" -EXTREME
by WeAreExtreme February 09, 2010
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The phrase stated after someone who knows whats up takes a sip of Mountain Dew. If you gulp the hole Dew you can yell "THAT'S EXTREEEEEEME!" But only Faggots and Cuntlickers do this.
"Gulp...Gulp...Gulp...THAT'S EXTREME!"
by Calvin3Giese February 19, 2009
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One step down from the word X-treme.

It's commonly known that doing anything to the extreme is cool and all but only without the "E" at the start does something become so far out it's not even funny.
"Hey, check this out, I was walking down the street and then jumped off the kerb...to the extreme!"

"psht, I jumped off a kerb last week to the X-Treme, that's right, no "E" at the start!"

"Holy shit, you're my hero, can I have your babies?"

"No, your uterus couldn't handle my X-TREME sperm."

by Ian "The Main Man" Mckenna April 21, 2005
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The favorite word of a group of posers that act like rednecks from South Jersey in Harold and Kumar.
Main poser turns, swings, and stops a punch inches from Kumar's face, causing him to flinch.
Main poser- Thank you come again.
Background posers- Extreme!!!
Harold- Dude, those guys were posers. The one that almost hit you in the face looked exactly like Lil Wyte, did you notice that bro?
by Solid Mantis January 29, 2021
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A word.. that is used to show your emotions about how cool or chill something is. Also used in place of the word crazy.

Man, that's pretty extreme.
by TheatreLover July 11, 2008
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A state of being able to use the phone WITHOUT a helmet.
Pee Wee Herman is not extreme.
by Bundtcake October 19, 2006
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1. Rooted in ESPN's "X-Games" concept for extreme sports, it is now an invaluable adjective that describes things that are inherently much better.


1. Extreme is also used as a noun for routine exercise.
"Excuse me, I found regular yogart in the dairy section, but I was wondering if you had any extreme yogart?"

"Are we going to do extreme today?"
is better way of saying
"Are we going to the gym today?"
by Christopher Garza February 03, 2005
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