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A mysterious epic guy who is extremely good at video games and has a nice smile

The cooler form of the name "Austin"

The guy you wish you were like but aren't

A great Troll and undefeatable
GreatGmaezLps: Why is he trolling me so hard?

SkittleGamer9: He's just an Auston
by GreatGamezLPS May 28, 2013
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1) boss

2) Strong man: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

3) The cooler version of the name "Austin"
Don't worry bro, Auston's here. Everything is going to be better now.
by Saint Bo Jingo February 08, 2011
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Derived from Austin
1) - An anomaly, never matched or met, searching for enlightenment.
2) - Good looking, charming, intelligent.
3) - An American Poet, with excellent writing style and peculiar lyricism.
You are so Auston.

You're poem's are similar to Auston's.
by biabia July 13, 2004
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A sweetheart of a guy who can light up anyone's day with his jokes. Auston may not be the most popular guy but is definitely the coolest. He's easy going, easy to talk to, funny, cute, incredibly fit, smart and wise beyond his years. He's a little shy but insanely outgoing around his friends. He can make anyone laugh, knows how to treat a girl right and is loves cuddling. He genuinely cares about everyone he loves and loves everyone. If you get to really know him you'll realize he's a deep, insecure and one of the most amazing friends you will ever make in your entire life. He'd make the most amazing boyfriend in the history of man-kind He's also incredibly brave and isn't afraid to fight for what he believes in or wants. If you ever have the privileged to have him in your life don't take it for granted and never let go of him as a friend or anything else. He knows what to say, when to say it, and how to say it. He's a good listener and gives the best advice. He never judges or makes you feel like you're nothing. He has the most beautiful blue eyes you've ever seen and is the easiest person to love ever. He's pretty much every girl's dream guy and more. Incredibly rare down to earth human being and is just plain awesome. Words can't describe this dude.
Have you seen Auston he’s the best.
by killingmesmalls April 11, 2019
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Auston is an amazing guy wholoves to be around his girlfriend. He has dark blond hair and rock hard abs. His eye color may very, but their most likely hazel. His personality is magnetic, and everyone wants to be his friend. Although he is very sweet, he can be a little protective sometimes. He is the reason girls are always on Instagram, but then they see pictures of his girlfriend, and then his abs. He will probably have a Youtube channel that he streams on, and he is amazing at video games(Fortnite).
Teacher "Why are you on your phone?"
ME ~shows Auston's Instagram page~
Teacher ~passes out~

"Wow! Who is that?"
"That's the new kid, Auston"
"He. Is. So. HOT!!!"
by Layla~Auston's girlfriend September 04, 2019
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