Worse than a tool, even worse than a toolbox. The highest capacity of being a tool.

Coined on Jake and Amir
Jake: Amir, leave my brother alone, you don't even know him.

Amir: Maybe you should stop being such a toolbox extraordinaire!
by pez123 December 12, 2010
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To properly do this you will need to postion the chick so that she is facing out the window while you are gettin it doggy style. After a while you tell her you are going to get some lube real quick. That's when your buddy appears from under the bed and takes your place. Then you go outside to the window and wave to her.
Your buddy could also wear a darth vader mask to turn it into the darth vader houdini extraordinaire. When she looks back to see whos fucking her, your buddy with the darth vader mask leans in and says, "I am your father."
by Demali November 04, 2008
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The sampling of desserts that usually takes place at a Buffett setting involving two or more people with exceptional taste buds. Numerous desserts are sampled and rated by flavor, texture, and color. The desserts are placed in order of best to worst, the best two are usually consumed while the others are generally discarded.
by Interdimp July 12, 2015
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A person that excels at everything (or claims to).
Meet my husband, Craig, Human Extraordinaire. He's the best at this and that, and that too . . .
by E.E.K. October 26, 2010
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Noun, Adjective - A person who has shown outstanding achievement when it comes to the practices of being a douche bag, fucker, asshole, shithead, or any other demeaning clique association that portrays douchery at its finest.
When standing in line at DQ you suddenly are cut in line by a jock and a few of his douche bag friends.

You: Hey! I was in line in front of you.
Douche nozzle: So?
You: Well fuck you man!
Douche: I've got your sister for that.

After suffering a humiliating defeat you finally return to your table with a few of your friends.

Friends: What took so long?
You: Some asshole in line decided to become a douche bag extraordinaire and cut me.
Friends: What a douche...
by IisMathwizard June 17, 2012
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Someone who finds it their life's duty to be an all around asshole and douchebag. They are in an elite class of their own of the dbags in the world.
Christopher Columbus was a d-bag extraordinaire for pillaging and raping everything that moves.
by C. period History September 05, 2008
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