Megan Hickman; everything she does is over the top, ridiculous & too much.
Wow that girl is so extra, just like Megan Hickman.
by Am03313 April 17, 2022
Hailey wrote a 10.5 page paper and read multiple books for a five page paper assignment. She's so extra.
by jestarpetal April 8, 2021
Being adorable af but an a whole different level.
J-Hope is the most extra person I’ve ever seen!
by GoldenBunny2018 August 17, 2018
Someone who is over the top for completely unnecessary reasons. They will go out of their way to prove this.
Na Jaemin is so extra. Stop giving him his venti iced Americano without water but ice and 4 extra shots of espresso
by ostrichgay October 24, 2019
The gift of oral pleasure. Above and beyond just regular sex. The extras.
She is dtf but I need me some extras.
by Froglube June 11, 2019
Everyone is having pre-cooked hot dogs for dinner, but Dani will only eat organic steamed vegetables. She is being extra.
by Duncan1382 August 18, 2018