A English looking half Italian with over 100 subs on YouTube
Ted Extra is a rat
by theMemees December 11, 2020
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you shit in the woman's vagina and then fuck with it, then shove a cucumber up her bum, then ejaculate in her mouth smack the back of her head and then the cum comes out of the front of her nostrils and semi- mouth and then you take a condom and fill it with dhit and put it in the freezer for a few minutes then take it out and insert it into the female slowly then puke in her vag and take out the bag of shit then fuck her.
by Misty alcheinstien March 03, 2017
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He plays Zelda, is pretty good at drawing, and watches anime. he is optimistic witch allows hit to get along with lots of people and in some eyes is a leader who they can trust. Over all he is a completely weeb. you’ll be lucky to have a guy like him in as one of the boys.
I am mallito extra!!! Yess !!!
by Mallito extra February 25, 2021
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To be overweight by a certain amount. Like to be wearin' 10 or 20 extra pounds.
by gregin November 16, 2018
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When you drop something that's coming straight for you, or when you miss the perfect catch.
Mary: *runs towards ball*
Had: *ball 2 feet away*
A: *Ball right in her hands*
Little: *Drops*
Lamb: MaRyY!!!
No: I'm sorry, did anybody order Toast with an extra side of butter!
Scope: Yes, I believe Mary did she's in table GTFO.
by Bob'sButteryBiscuits,Isella November 19, 2018
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What Mary Poppins has to be whenever money is tight.
The movie got it all wrong --- the Banks family had not been having trouble with mean/colorless nannies; the nannies had all just been over-indulgent of the children, and so Mr. Banks hired Mary Poppins to teach his little ones about self-denial, willpower, and wise money-management --- Mary taught them to be "super-careful, frugalistic, extra-tally-conscious" when necessary.
by QuacksO August 31, 2018
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