Yo will, is extra innings mobile so we can get some blow
by gload September 16, 2019
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When bikelife worms from the hood put an exhaust system, graphics kit, spoke skins and grips on there dirt bikes and never do a top end rebuild or any high maintenance to there bike.
"Yo homie, u heard that D'Quan just put the extra kit on his new yzf450??"

"Yeaa, i saw him hot boyin it down route 8."
by Efilekib July 22, 2016
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Used to define a person with no caractere, personnality who always is on the chase for trends to follow.

synon: shallow, hallow, superficial, vain, air head...
#1 Becky: OMG !! Natural lips are the new lip fillers.
Imane: Ohhh ! You are such an extra light Becky!

#2 Roger: Man, i fucked the bartender yesterday .. She was so hot and horny !!

Zachary: The details of your sexual escapades don't interest me Roger.. Extra light as usual hhhh

Roger: Extra salty as usual i see :p
by EXTRA_HEAVY September 13, 2018
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VOAdam's weapon of choice. It is feared by even baldi. Nations tremble in fear at the mere mention of it
VOAdam:*pulls out extra long ruler*
baldi:oh crap
by ray_the_bi_man March 4, 2022
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Extra Mature Cheddar refers to 'old money' that has been in a family for a minimum of 6 years. If somebody's ancestors inherited the family fortune, they're classed as an extra mature cheddar family.
“How do all of his relatives own 6 Lamborghinis and 2 islands?”
“He's extra mature cheddar.”
by C L G July 4, 2021
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explains and expressing your thoughts like while watching a tv program as if you are the narrator
by purplestreet123 August 1, 2017
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