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"exting" or "ex-ting" is when you get stupidly drunk and start texting your ex girlfriend or boyfriend because it seems like the best idea in the world.
o shit dude i think you went on an exting rampage last night :(
by Rmfizzle February 07, 2007
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The act of text messaging your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend in a shameless manner, usually related to extreme boredom, loneliness and/or alcohol consumption.
I had a couple too many last night and ended up EXting.
by RoHoHo71 January 20, 2011
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To try and hook up with an ex for a prospective booty call using text messages.
Jo: Yo, i'm hooking up with Kim this weekend!
Rob: Dude, Kim's a hot bitch, plus you guys broke up like 3 months ago...
Jo: I know, but i was exting her on friday and she said she has some new sex positions.
by ExtMAster October 26, 2009
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The act of text messaging one's ex. Maybe performed sober, however, usually occurs after few drinks.
It was guys night, but after Matt downed a few Miller Lites, he just sat there exting the rest of the time.
by Bobby Hankey September 22, 2010
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