V. Usually as a result of an infection or disease (from aliens or zombies), when a persons blood becomes volatile and unstable until it violently erupts from the infecteds body.
"Those doctors couldn't help her. She got bit and they knew she would blood explode"
by Aaron-Core March 30, 2008
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Jim - "I'm really horny, yet I have to take a HUGE shit!"
Donald - "Dude, Just load and explode."
by CODclutches April 11, 2011
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(1)The process of running to a point, gathering your momentum and jumping as high as you can off of two feet. (2)The moment leading up to and the moment of ejaculation.
"Man that chick is like 7 feet tall. I'm gonna have to gather and explode to seal the deal."
by Patrick is a bitch April 11, 2010
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Baisically it means that you just fangirled so hard that your body couldn't physically take it. Usually used to describe personally, and by girls.
Audrie: Wait you met Dan and Phil

Jamie: Yes!! My Ovaries Exploded so hard I couldn't even breathe.
by AWESOMKIDZONUD October 30, 2015
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laughing so hard your nose explodes and snot flies out.
X: And then the platypus shat itself
Y: Haha dude you just made my nose explode. So funny.
by wraina January 11, 2011
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On the 24th of December in preparation for Daddy Claus, you cover yourself in snow. Then after dressing up your girl as a female elf, cover her tits and pussy in snow. Standing approximately 2 metres behind, you cum and if it lands on one of the snow patches it will melt through and give her a beautiful sensation.
'Hey John, you got any Christmas presents for your wife?'
'I'm going to give her an Exploding Snowman'
by TGKeepitPG88 July 6, 2020
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Ford Explorer after many tire blow outs causing crashes and rollovers
check out that ford exploder
by Tarrance Graham January 20, 2005
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